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New York Tote Bag – A New Yorker’s Packing Guide.

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This is a packing guide on how best to use our New York Tote Bag in New York City.  The New York tote bag is a tourist and local New Yorkers’ must-have tote bag.  For visitors, it is a welcoming bag for visitors to New York and a token of their memory and time spent in New York City.  It is not just a tote bag but a travel companion which will travel with you through the city’s most famous landmarks. This guide will explore how best to utilize the tote bag across New York City.

Beach Tote Bag – Coney Island Beach

Starting your journey off from the Coney Island beach in Brooklyn is the perfect site for using your New York Tote Bag.  Carrying a suntan lotion, sunglasses, and finally, a beach towel is a must. The ‘I love New York tote bag’ is mostly demanded in black color as black color stains less and creates a vibrant look of the ‘I love New York’ logo on it.  Do remember to stop by the famous Nathan’s Hot Dog restaurant, a New York travel experience is not complete without having a Hot Dog from Nathan’s which has been in existence for over 100 years.

Travel Tote Bag – Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is a must-visit and you would need a camera handy in your cotton tote bag to grab the best snapshots of your visit.  If you want to go up to the crown of the Statue of Liberty which would require traveling up the spiral stairways up to 162 steps, you will want to ensure you have a tote bag handy for all the essentials like a water bottle on your way to the top.  The ‘I love New York’ tote bag comes with 21-inch handles however we can custom manufacture these bags in bulk for wholesalers, exhibitions, and retailers according to their demand.  We can also add buckle straps in addition to the normal bag handles which are gaining popularity and can be used as a cross-body strap handle increasing security for expensive items such as DSLR cameras and expensive gadgets.

Shopping Tote Bag – Manhattan

The Westfield World Trade Center is the biggest mall in Manhattan, there are lot of traveling within the city’s convenient subway network.  Once you reach Manhattan, taking a taxicab is most common for areas in a close radius.  Although all of New York is full of shopping destinations, Manhattan is most convenient due to having popular landmarks in the same city, such as the Rockefeller Center; an ideal place to enjoy some skating or watch the Big Christmas Tree during Christmas time.

Fashion Tote Bag

The New York tote bag is a great fashion bag and is something that has been in fashion for a long time.  The tote bag has its place separating itself from a school bag, handbag, or fanny pack.  New York is one of the busiest cities in the USA, and as with any big city, they are often the trendsetters when it comes to fashion.  Using these bags can be seen as fitting right in with the crowd as New Yorkers widely use tote bags to get around the large metro and bus transportation network making a bag an essential item to carry their most essentials on their daily travel.

Commercial Importance of Tote Bag in New York

Businesses in New York City have the advantage to target one of the most populated cities in the USA and promoting your brand using these bags exposes businesses’ names to a wide majority of people who not only use these bags but also carry them through the New York City public transport showcasing and marketing your brand name every day.  As a bulk manufacturer of tote bags, we can custom-make these bags with the required logo using eco-friendly azo-free printing methods which are sustainable.

Eco-friendly and Sustainable Bag

The New York state has taken steps to reduce plastic bag use and has also taken steps to ban paper bag use.  The New York Tote Bag is made from canvas recyclable material using it you can comply and keep New York as green as possible.  Bringing your bag on the way to the grocery store is a common practice in New York since it has worked towards banning plastic.

To conclude, a tote bag is a valuable product however its importance is not just limited to New York but across the world.  It is a marketing tool, a fashion bag, a souvenir bag for visitors, and a giveaway bag to introduce a new book or product, or service.  It is sustainable is it’s one of the most important qualities made from 100 percent cotton and cotton polyblends, available in multiple colors.


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