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Trade show Tote Bag Importance

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Trade shows, events, and conferences are platforms to introduce your company to your potential customers and stakeholders. Pack Point International is a custom bag manufacturer and exporter for these bags.  Companies take part in these important events as a host by displaying their product samples or simply attending to network with potential customers.  Trade show tote bags have an important role in these events to introduce themselves by giving their company tote bags with catchy logos of their company to increase recognition amongst potential customers.

Giveaway Tote bag

A giveaway increases customer engagement and recognition.  Using a tote bag as a giveaway promotional product can be enhanced by including a sample of your products inside the bag.  Potential customers are most likely to buy an item from a company whose products they have tried before.  A giveaway promotional bag along with your product builds this trust with the customer.  The more giveaways you do to your potential target market the more chances of increasing your customer base.

Trade Show Canvas bag: What to include in it

You would need your company brochures, business cards, product catalog, and product samples in your tote bag to give to potential customers.  It is important to get the information of the point of contact you are giving the giveaway bag to.  After a week you would want to send a follow-up email to them to get their feedback on your shared samples with them.  At this point, the potential customer would already know who you are, and it may not lead to an immediate business opportunity, but you will be on their top potential supplier list.

Tote Bag Branding

As a custom cotton bag manufacturer and exporter, we deal with designing custom bags as per customer requirements.  Qualities of what makes a good, branded bag start with the company logo which maybe supported by multiple colors which represent the company brand. These bags can be stitched with multiple-color fabrics representing the brand theme.  For example, bags can be manufactured using a different handle color than the rest of the bags for a more customized look.

Promotional Bag

There are many promotional items to choose from, and is just one of the most popular promotions out there.  What sets it apart from other promotional items and gives it a special place for your brand is it is an essential item that will be used everyday by the consumer.   It can be used as a grocery bag, as a fashion bag, as an initiative to reduce plastic use, or as a beach bag.  What makes it valuable is it is widely used outdoors rather than inside.  This means your brand will be exposed outside everyday when consumers travel home or to their workplace every day.

Drawstring Bags for Trade Shows

Drawstring Bags are also very popular for trade shows.  These can be worn like a backpack with a drawstring closure.  Depending on the industry some companies may prefer a bag instead of a tote bag, especially in the education industry. The simple reason could be thatthere the consumer who would be using it in schools, and colleges and would prefer hanging the bag like a backpack for more convenience.  These bags work great to introduce a newly published book or novel which you would want to market to the masses.

Grocery bag for Farmer’s Market

A farmer’s market is an event that can happen yearly, seasonally, or year around.  These items are sold direct from producers to consumers.  Farmer markets are very popular amongst people.  If you are hosting a farmer’s market, a Grocery Tote bag with a custom logo of your farmer market name is a great way to get the word across your community.  In these events, you would see consumers buy in bulk as they are getting discounted fruits, vegetables, and produce.  The rising popularity of the Farmer Market increases the number of vendors there to increase their sales in the least amount of time possible.  Branding your bag for hosting the upcoming Farmers market is a great way to market your brand to new consumers.

To conclude tote bags are a great marketing tool for your next event, whether you are looking to market your product or promote a special cause.  A trade show, an event, or an exhibition is a great place to have all your potential customers under one roof.  You want to make the most out of this event and leave a lasting first impression.  A tote bag with a custom logo and design according to your brand theme can do wonders.  The goal should be to engage your potential customers which can turn into qualified leads and finally into a business opportunity.

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