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Tote Bags are one of the best ways to get customized solutions for your brand. Tote Bag purchases allow your brand to take advantage of designing a tote bag that is made on order according to specific needs for your brand.  Pack Point International is an exporter and manufacturer of bulk tote bags.   Purchasing Tote Bags in bulk lets you stock up in advance and take advantage of big discounts on bulk production.  This blog covers the benefits of buying in bulk for your company brand.

Wholesale Tote Bags

Bulk tote bag purchases allow wholesalers to reduce their average bag cost significantly.  Further costs such as freight costs or costs to get the bags to your destination are also reduced.  Tote Bag Wholesalers purchase in bulk quantities and stock different sizes which they can resale to their customers.  Getting bags direct from the manufacturer allows you to get wholesale prices on your tote bags.  Pack Point International regularly accepts orders direct from wholesalers and retailers and take great interest in designing bespoke tote bag for their needs as well.

Custom Printed Tote Bags

One of the major benefits of buying tote bags you can customize the printing design as per your branding.  We widely custom print tote bags with designs required for wholesale tote bags.  We also do a sampling of the custom print designs on the tote bag samples to ensure our customers are fully satisfied before committing to bulk production of the tote bags.  We ensure inks we use are washable and chemically free to be sustainable for the environment.

Using a Bulk Tote Bag Exporter

One of the major advantages of buying internationally from a manufacturer and exporter of tote bags is the cost savings of the foreign exchange rates which are mostly a favorable advantage for the buyer.  This means purchases become cheaper due to the higher purchasing power of the US dollar.  This is one of the major motivations for a buyer as it becomes cheaper than buying locally.  Another advantage is cheaper raw material availability internationally without any compromise on quality.

Cheap Bulk Tote Bags

An obvious advantage of purchasing reusable tote bags in bulk is it is cheaper.   The bigger the order translates into cheaper production costs and even cheaper personalized bulk tote bags with logos.  This means more savings for wholesalers of tote bags, retailers,  grocery stores, and more.  The bigger the canvas bulk tote bag orders mean cheaper freight costs which are one of the most important cost drivers if you are looking to buy internationally.

Bulk Tote Bags Are Sustainable

As a tote bag manufacturer, we take great pride in producing bags in bulk so we can utilize our skilled labor workers to handcraft and stitch the bags to perfection.  Each bag is stitched by our skilled  labor workers and there is a story attached to every bag that is stitched.  Bulk productions allow workers to show off their skills, do what they do best, and financially support their lifestyle.  The production processes rely on actual labor workers instead of plants and machinery which replace human labor.  Plants and machinery release more air pollution which is bad for our planet.  Our production processes are mostly labor intensive instead on relying entirely on plants and machinery which actually put people out of work.  Less involvement of heavy plant and machinery is better for the planet we live in.

Bulk Canvas Bags Replace Plastic

Reusable Canvas Bag bulk productions lead to large quantities of ready-to-use tote bags that people love to use regularly.  Every single canvas bag produced would be used for years to come by its users and this would translate into thousands of plastic bags being replaced by just one tote bag user over the course of the useful life of one tote bag.  Imagine what effect a bulk order of tote bags would make on the environment.  We would be potentially replacing massive quantities of plastic bags making the environment more plastic-free and replacing them with biodegradable bags which come from the soil and at worst go back to the soil and decompose fully.

Concluding Remarks

Bulk productions have a positive impact on the environment and lead to cheaper bags than buying in fewer quantities.  Whether you are looking for tote bags in wholesale, retail, or for that special event we have you covered.    If you have special customizations in mind and looking for an exclusive bespoke tote bag to stand out from the crowd, we work with our potential customers every step of the way to give life to the visual tote bag idea you are looking for.

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