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Canvas Beach Bags: Your Multi-Purpose Beach Bag Guide

Canvas Beach Bag

Canvas Beach Tote Bags are one of the most important beach bags during summertime.  In many places in the USA,it is a bag demanded year-round.  This blog article covers the features of beach tote bags and their benefits which would help you in buying just the right beach bag this summer.  Pack Point International manufacture and export these beach bags in bulk in different styles and colors.

Canvas Bag – Ideal size for a Beach Bag

A beach bag with a minimum 5-inch base gusset has ample space for your beach towel, lotions, cell phone and sunglasses, and more.  A beach bag is made in various styles.  As a custom-made bulk manufacturer of canvas beach bags, we make these bags with inside and outside pockets for storing beach essentials.  Beach Bags are regularly supported with a zipper main compartment and a zipper front pocket if required.  Beach Bag dimensions are wider than height to give it the boat bag look to make room for essentials such as towels, clothing, and more.

Canvas Beach Bags – DIY Printing

A plain natural canvas beach constructed with only an inside pocket is a great way to keep the outer fabric plain so it can be easily printed on demand.  There are tons of designs you may want to have on your tote.  You may want to personalize your name on the beach bag along with a summer theme.  You can turn any design you have in your mind into reality.  It is an easy ‘do it yourself’ print job using a heat press, a printout of the design, and heat transfer sheets.

Beach Bags with Cool Colors

There are Beach Bags made in various color combinations to resemble vibrant colors under the sun.  Natural color canvas bags can be combined with accent colors to the bag handles and the base gusset to add a vibrant look.  Yellow color handles combined with a yellow bottom gusset would be an ideal sun-friendly color as a beach tote bag.

Canvas Beach Bag Benefits:

Skin Friendly

Canvas is made of cotton fabrics making it not only sturdy but most importantly skin friendly.  Cotton is smooth on the skin and comfortable to carry against your skin on the beach.  They have even more value for people with sensitive skin and children.


No matter how dirty your canvas beach bag gets; you may always throw it in the washer and turn it into a new bag.  There are also waterproof canvas fabrics made specifically to be water resistant against tropical climates just in case you do not want your beach tote bag soaked in the rain.

Fashion Bag

Beach Tote Bags are part of the trending fashion being taken up by big-name brands and having a beach bag you are keeping up with the fashion trend with a variety of colors available to complete your beach experience with cool colors and styles.


Canvas Beach Bags are sustainable.  Using Canvas bags can keep so many plastic bags out of the ocean saving wildlife and not filling up our landfills.  Canvas Bags are multi-purpose and long-lasting.  A Beach Bag can be used as a grocery bag, a handbag for school,and finally a beach bag.

Grocery Bag  

Everyone wants to look good while doing their groceries.  A Beach Tote is big enough and made of thick sturdy canvas to pick up a good load of groceries.  By using a reusable bag in the grocery store you are helping reduce the use of plastic and keeping the earth clean.  Each reuse of a canvas bag reduces 1 plastic bag being used on this planet.

Travel Tote Bag

Beach Tote Bags tend to be large and spacious, sturdy, and look good.  Makes a great carry-on bag for your next flight.  You would be doing yourself a favor by using your tote for extra storage space to ensure you do not exceed any weight limits on your checked-in baggage.


Wholesale Tote Bags for your Brand

Retailers and Businesses have an opportunity to promote their business by getting their logo on the beach bags.  Beach Bags are in high demand, and this is your chance to expose your brand under the sun.  The demand for beach bags increases during summertime.  It increases your brand recognition, and this will only multiply each time a beach bag is re-used.  Promotional beach bags should be a part of every company’s branding strategy.  As a bulk canvas bag manufacturerand exporter, we have low minimum production orders to start you off with your customized size, colors, style, and logo design.

In Conclusion,  whether you are using a beach bag for the beach, to look good under the sun, or for fashion purposes.  It is the perfect bag for multiple occasions.  As we get closer to the summertime there will be a rising demand for colorful, most beautiful beach bags with catchy logos.  Buying the perfect beach bag has become as important of a decision as buying the next best beach outfit.

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