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Canvas Bag Role in Conserving The Environment

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Conservation of the environment is a lifestyle influenced by the choices we make.  Small changes make big differences to the environment. The use of reusable bags is a contributing factor for it.  Every canvas bag reuse contributes to 1 lesser plastic bag being used on the earth. Think of the effect this would have when a bunch of people switch to reusable bags. (Reusable bags x number of reuses = plastic bags avoided).  As a manufacturer and exporter of canvas tote bags and cotton products, Pack Point International has a  vision to see a greener world by spreading knowledge to increase awareness of the environment and planet we live in.

Plastic Bag Consequences

Plastic bags end up in our landfills with bad consequences.  These plastic bags result in additional chemicals which are poisonous to the environment.  These chemicals can lead to the groundwater, streams, and soils exposing wildlife to harmful chemicals.  This results in plastic pollution killing animals.  Plastic accounts for a good chunk of waste in landfills which requires even more resources to transport the waste into landfills further increasing carbon emissions.

Tote bag Popularity

Reusable bags like tote bags have popularity beyond environmental supporters because of their trending fashion qualities.  People use these bags regularly to stay in fashion.  They may want a certain color or size of bag with a certain design.  These fashion groups are also contributing to the environment even if it is unintentional.  This makes it much easier to make the switch as there are more reasons for using these bag than just one.

Sustainable Production

As consumers, we should be buying products made through sustainable means.  We should use raw materials produced sustainably by using less water, without harmful chemicals and dyes, and use products that pay workers at a market rate for their production services.  It is good to use fabrics already available to us with minor production faults to utilize resources available to us effectively.  The use of plastic bottles to re-produce fabrics is a good sustainable example of how companies are making good use of reusing plastic available to us rather than being disposed of in our environment.

Lifecycle of a Reusable Bag

Reusable bags are made of thick and sturdy fabrics which have the potential to last a long time.  A reusable bag has a long-life cycle and making the best use of these bags through their lifecycle indirectly leads to less plastic being used.  We encourage the use of reusable bags in places where plastic bags are often given free of cost to customers such as grocery stores.

Canvas Bag Should Replace Paper Bags

Paper bags are largely used in shopping malls and retail outlets with fancy printing of logos of retail brands.  There is a good reason why we should bring our bags to the mall for our next purchase.  Paper Bags are made using unsustainable processes.  Trees are removed at the cost of making these paper bags.  Trees are good for our environment and the air we breathe.  Trees stop climate change, and any removal of trees would increase climate change.  Paper bags also mostly rely entirely on plants and machinery.    These plants and machinery need lots of energy which is received from unsustainable energy processes to reduce production costs.

Support Eco-friendly Companies

Supporting eco-friendly companies that are already conserving the environment using sustainable production processes and selling eco-friendly products is a great way for others to follow in their footsteps.  Many fashion companies are now relying on sourcing eco-friendly sustainable fabrics such as shirts made from recycled plastic bottles.  Using recyclable fabrics is an efficient way to use earth’s resources rather than going through intensive fabric manufacturing processes textile companies rely on.

Tote Bags are Multi-Purpose

Tote Bags are multi-purpose and can be used for multiple things due to being strong and sturdy.  They can be used as beach bags with cool logos on them, can be used as carry-on travel bags, laptop bags, and the list goes on.  The multi-purpose nature of these bags makes these bags have a high perceived value for their users who will be using these bags for years to come.  Other bags such as paper bags and plastic have a very low perceived value and due to this often end up in the trash within a few days making our landfills bigger and end up becoming harmful to our environment.

In conclusion, reusable tote bags have a great role in conserving the environment when used correctly.  The use of reusable bags should be supported by permanent lifestyle changes and communicating values to people closer to us who we can influence easily.  We should bring our bags to grocery stores to avoid plastic bags and to shopping malls to reduce use of paper bags.  By supporting businesses that use sustainable production methods and avoiding companies that do not, we can directly influence the behavior of these big companies which have a huge impact on our environment and planet.

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