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Produce Bag’s Role In Replacing Plastic Bags.

Produce Bag’s Role In Replacing Plastic Bags.

Cotton Produce bags are made of sustainable material and are one of the best replacements for plastic produce bags.  Cotton Produce bags such as mesh bags and cotton muslin grocery bags are an expensive alternative to plastic bags which are free of cost at grocery stores.  Grocery stores and retailers who provide plastic bags have a larger responsibility as business owners.  Large volumes of plastic bags end up in our landfills.  Cotton Produce bag is a sustainable solution to replace these plastic bags.

Cotton Produce Bags

There are eco-friendly alternatives to plastic produce bags such as cotton mesh produce bags.  These bags are stretchable and can pack in much more items due to being highly stretchable.  A muslin cotton tote bag is also a great choice made in a very light see-through muslin cotton fabric. These bags are light yet strong to carry serious weight for produce and groceries.

Plastic Produce Bag Use Influences

The main influence of grocery stores using sustainable cotton grocery bags depends on the type of customers these businesses serve.  If their customers care for the environment, then the grocery store wouldbe more than willing to invest in bulk bags for their grocery business.  Similarly, if their customer would choose the convenience of a free plastic bag against paying for a sustainable grocery bagthen they would have little motivation to invest in sustainable reusable bags.

Organic Produce Bags

Pack Point International manufacturesthese produce bags and tote bags using conventional and organic cotton fabrics. These bags are more expensive than plastic however when you consider their long-life cycle, it is a fruitful investment as they have a long useful lifecycle lasting multiple yearsand is known to keep fruits, vegetables,and bread fresh.  Organic cotton does not use any chemicals such as fertilizer and pesticides which contaminate waterways.  Organic cotton also uses a much smaller percentage of water for cotton growth.

Bring Your Bag

Bringing your own cotton or canvasbag to grocery stores for groceries and produce is a sustainable step to lower the effect of plastic pollution.  The best way to utilize a reusable bag is by using it at least 100 to 150 times over its lifecycle to benefit our environment.  Reusable bags last for years so surpassing 150 uses is an easy target.There is an increasing trend of reusable bags are now used as fashion bags in which case people switch over to a new bag simply for fashion trending reasons.  In this case, it is best to donate the reusable bags to a friend, so it continues to be reused to benefit the environment.

Custom Produce Bags

Farmer markets,  organic markets, and grocery stores can introduce reusable produce bags to their business to uplift their reputation for caring for the environment.  These produce bags can be sold to their customers for reusewith their business logo and catchy logos to promote the environment.Distributing these bags in your grocery store would increase your brand’s reputation amongst environmentally conscious customers and attract new customers.

Zero Waste Lifestyle

There is a rising trend towards zero-waste organic stores.  These stores welcome environment-friendly packaging such as cotton produce bags.   These stores focus on eliminating harmful packaging.They even store lentils, peas, and even flour in glass containers in the store.  They keep all such products loose in the containers and encourage customers to bring glass containers or reusable bags to make the whole shopping experience environmentally friendly.  The customers who shop in these stores want to adopt shopping habits that eliminate plastics.

Concluding Remarks

We should use reusable produce bags and bring our bags to the grocery stores as replacing produce bags would reduce plastic bags from ending up in our landfills and improve our environment.  Grocery stores and retailers have a chance to make a difference by selling reusable produce bags to their customers.  This will also benefit and promote their branding and image and market their store beyond their current customers.

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