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Difference Between Plain Cotton Tote Bags And Canvas Tote Bags

Plain Cotton Tote Bags and Canvas Tote bags

There is a major difference between cotton and canvas fabrics due to which bags made of each have a different feel, look, and differ in terms of grammage or thickness.  Often, these words are used to mean the same thing when they are actually different fabrics.  Canvas is widely used for thick fabrics 7 oz and above grammage which can be in form of different weaves (Canvas, cotton duck, twill), these bags are often classified amongst people as canvas bags.

However, Plain cotton bags are different in that they mostly come in plain weave and are much lighter in terms of grammage mostly ranging from 60 gsm to 180 gsm ( 2 oz to 6 oz)Plain cotton fabric can be further classified into Muslin cotton is often referred the lightest GSM (around 60 to 90 gsm).

Promotional Tote Bags

If you want a tote bag which holds its shape well then Canvas Tote Bags are perfect, due to their coarser weave and heavier grammage.  Canvas Tote Bags also are naturally able to pick up more weight than plain cotton tote bags and make great promotional bags.  They also make great fashion tote bags, as these are in fashion to wear with your favorite outfit and are an important accessory bag in addition to a traditional handbag.

A plain cotton tote bags has its benefits and has its place for the consumer as well.  These bags would be more cost-effective in terms of price.  As they weigh less in terms of grammage making them cheaper than canvas tote bags.   Due to having lesser grammage plain bags have lower shipping costs as well for bulk orders.  A plain cotton bag can come in 100 percent cotton or poly-cotton blends.  These bags are easily dyable into different colors.

Grocery Tote Bags

Both type of bags whether made from plain cotton or canvas is widely used by grocery stores.  It is not only sustainable, but also cheaper than plastic when you consider how many times you will be able to reuse the bag over its lifecycle, and it can be washed multiple times.  We usually craft larger grocery tote bags as these are most popular with grocery stores, as everyone is looking for that one size that fits all their groceries.

Laundry and Drawstring Bags

The plain Cotton fabric makes the best laundry and drawstring bags andis more often used and demanded over these bags, as plain cotton is lighter it is more flexible and can mold its shape to fit into the items it is carrying.  It is the recommended choice as a promotional bag, in industries like hotels, schools, and sporting events, and makes a great souvenir bag for its customers.   However, we also manufacture drawstring bags made of canvas which are just as popular, depending on customer requirements.  Canvas being thicker Would be more expensive than plain cotton fabric, as it is thicker and more complex to manufacture due to being thicker fabric would mean more time and cost in making these bags.

Christmas Bag

Christmas bag is a traditional Santa bag which symbolizes gifts from Santa for Christmas day.  We have some great logos specifically for Christmas time. However, the possibilities are endless as we produce the bags according to the logo, style, and size defined by the customer. We produce these bags every year near Christmas time in bulk for wholesalers, companies, non-profits and more.

Muslin Bag

Plain cotton muslin bags make great party favor bags, and gift bags, and is a great packaging for small items such as jewelry, watches, wallets, and more. The lighter grammage which is traditionally muslin is widely used as tea bags, the fabric has properties which make it great for brewing tea.  We also make party favors bags using canvas and twill, which is much thicker, and often is what some companies recommend to represent their brand.

Canvas Zipper Pouch

Canvas zipper pouches make great cosmetic bags, medical bags and more.  All zipper bags we manufacture are made from canvas, as it is thicker than plain cotton making it perfect to hold its shape and look good.  These cosmetic bags are the perfect bag to support a tote bag; to keep all the handy items in this canvas zipper pouch which is the go-to bag for your most used accessories.


The aprons we produce are used widely by the hospitality industry.  Twill poly-cotton blend fabric works best for this purpose.  It can take multiplewashes without fading of colours, and twill weave is a great weave as it resists stains and is just the right fabric to use for the kitchen or restaurant.  Apron sare produced in a variety of colours with custom logos as per client requirements.

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