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Canvas Beach Bags: Your Multi-Purpose Beach Bag Guide

Canvas Beach Tote Bags are one of the most important beach bags during summertime.  In many places in the USA,it is a bag demanded year-round.  This blog article covers the features of beach tote bags and their benefits which would help you in buying just the right beach bag this summer.  Pack Point International manufacture and export these beach bags in bulk in different styles and colors.

Canvas Bag – Ideal size for a Beach Bag

A beach bag with a minimum 5-inch base gusset has ample space for your beach towel, lotions, cell phone and sunglasses, and more.  A beach bag is made in various styles.  As a custom-made bulk manufacturer of canvas beach bags, we make these bags with inside and outside pockets for storing beach essentials.  Beach Bags are regularly supported with a zipper main compartment and a zipper front pocket if required.  Beach Bag dimensions are wider than height to give it the boat bag look to make room for essentials such as towels, clothing, and more.

Canvas Beach Bags – DIY Printing

A plain natural canvas beach constructed with only an inside pocket is a great way to keep the outer fabric plain so it can be easily printed on demand.  There are tons of designs you may want to have on your tote.  You may want to personalize your name on the beach bag along with a summer theme.  You can turn any design you have in your mind into reality.  It is an easy ‘do it yourself’ print job using a heat press, a printout of the design, and heat transfer sheets.

Beach Bags with Cool Colors

There are Beach Bags made in various color combinations to resemble vibrant colors under the sun.  Natural color canvas bags can be combined with accent colors to the bag handles and the base gusset to add a vibrant look.  Yellow color handles combined with a yellow bottom gusset would be an ideal sun-friendly color as a beach tote bag.

Canvas Beach Bag Benefits:

Skin Friendly

Canvas is made of cotton fabrics making it not only sturdy but most importantly skin friendly.  Cotton is smooth on the skin and comfortable to carry against your skin on the beach.  They have even more value for people with sensitive skin and children.


No matter how dirty your canvas beach bag gets; you may always throw it in the washer and turn it into a new bag.  There are also waterproof canvas fabrics made specifically to be water resistant against tropical climates just in case you do not want your beach tote bag soaked in the rain.

Fashion Bag

Beach Tote Bags are part of the trending fashion being taken up by big-name brands and having a beach bag you are keeping up with the fashion trend with a variety of colors available to complete your beach experience with cool colors and styles.


Canvas Beach Bags are sustainable.  Using Canvas bags can keep so many plastic bags out of the ocean saving wildlife and not filling up our landfills.  Canvas Bags are multi-purpose and long-lasting.  A Beach Bag can be used as a grocery bag, a handbag for school,and finally a beach bag.

Grocery Bag  

Everyone wants to look good while doing their groceries.  A Beach Tote is big enough and made of thick sturdy canvas to pick up a good load of groceries.  By using a reusable bag in the grocery store you are helping reduce the use of plastic and keeping the earth clean.  Each reuse of a canvas bag reduces 1 plastic bag being used on this planet.

Travel Tote Bag

Beach Tote Bags tend to be large and spacious, sturdy, and look good.  Makes a great carry-on bag for your next flight.  You would be doing yourself a favor by using your tote for extra storage space to ensure you do not exceed any weight limits on your checked-in baggage.


Wholesale Tote Bags for your Brand

Retailers and Businesses have an opportunity to promote their business by getting their logo on the beach bags.  Beach Bags are in high demand, and this is your chance to expose your brand under the sun.  The demand for beach bags increases during summertime.  It increases your brand recognition, and this will only multiply each time a beach bag is re-used.  Promotional beach bags should be a part of every company’s branding strategy.  As a bulk canvas bag manufacturerand exporter, we have low minimum production orders to start you off with your customized size, colors, style, and logo design.

In Conclusion,  whether you are using a beach bag for the beach, to look good under the sun, or for fashion purposes.  It is the perfect bag for multiple occasions.  As we get closer to the summertime there will be a rising demand for colorful, most beautiful beach bags with catchy logos.  Buying the perfect beach bag has become as important of a decision as buying the next best beach outfit.

Cotton Bags

Cotton Muslin Bag Uses For Jewelry Packaging

A Cotton Muslin bag is an important form of branding for jewelry, gems, and stones.  As a custom muslin bag manufacturer and exporter, we export these muslin bags across USA and Europe.  The natural off-white muslin bags are largely in demand.  Black color bags also have trending demand amongst retailers with custom gold branding of their logo.  Our selection extends to multiple colors and grammage as per customer demand.  Most common sizes range from size 4 x 6 (inches) to 6 x 8 (inches).

Sustainability and environment friendly

Cotton Jewelry Muslin bags are made of cotton, which is a sustainable, earth-friendly material.  It is the preferred choice of the masses due to its being eco-friendly.  Every company wants to associate their brand with packaging which complies with environmental standards.  Sustainable jewelry has become the norm as jewelry manufacturing is heavily relying on scrap metal.  These sustainable manufacturing techniques are part of a Jewellery retailer’s brand strategy and to support it with sustainable packaging like cotton muslin pouches is the most sustainable and stylish decision a brand can make.

Importance of Packaging for the consumer

Jewelry items are largely purchased as gifts for the special someone.  It has emotional importance to the consumer.  Jewelry can be bought for the lightest of occasions such as a valentine’s gift to the highest, such as a wedding ring.  The consumer will not only have a strong connection with the product but will cherish the packaging which would be a token of memory of the special day.  Pack Point International is making these bags `not just for wholesalers but also for jewelry retailers across the world.

Durability and Quality.

What makes these precious muslin bags so special is that they are durable and come in various grammages.  There are various textures of muslin bags available for your brand.  Our sampling process makes it easy for you to decide which is the right one for you.  The durable fabric allows these bags to be long-lasting and is a great storage pouch for the most expensive items which you would want to pouch up after use.  These bags are washable.  The dyed these bags go through a detailed sustainable dying process to ensure the color stays after multiple washes.

Customized printing options

We have a variety of printing as well as embroidery options available for your brand.  The most famous printing method we use for these bags is silk screen printing which is the natural form of printing using azo-free printing methods which are sustainable and free of harsh chemicals.  We use advanced methods of silk screen printing depending on the simplicity or complexity of the design.

Concluding Remarks

Lastly, what makes these bags so great is due to their small size and being lightweight they are easily transportable across the world at low shipping rates.  As a bulk wholesale muslin bag exporter there is no order too small or too big for us.  Do get in touch should you have any further questions on ordering these bags or just have a question regards to our production process or to get a detailed quotation for your brand.

Cotton Bags

Wholesale Muslin bag and Drawstring Laundry Bag Uses

Muslin bags are made of lightweight cotton fabric.  We are a bulk muslin bags manufacturer.  These muslin pouches are used for party favor bags, tote bags, and flour bags.  We manufacture these bags using muslin and canvas fabrics. Muslin fabric itself is lightweight and very soft, this fabric is skin-friendly making them ideal for baby use, and they have great filtering capabilities because of this they are used as muslin tea bag, and as cheesecloth.   They can be dyed in different colors for party occasions or product branding.

Muslin bag make great party favor bag:

Colorful muslin bags with special party logos make it a great giveaway for your next partying event.  These muslin pouches are sustainable, eco-friendly, and long-lasting.  These bags are mostly made of 100 percent cotton, making it easy to absorb silk screen-printing ink which not only looks good but lasts a long time even after multiple washes.  We distribute these bags wholesale in very low minimum orders, custom-made according to size, color, and logo requirements.  These make great partying and goody bags for special events such as birthdays, baby showers, weddings, school events, and more.

Muslin pouches for your branding:

These pouches are an ideal source of brand packaging for small items such as jewelry, skincare items, candles, and more.  Muslin bag and pouches make an impression of your brand with your customers who re-use these bags or simply cherish them as token memory of your branding.  Muslin cotton bags are eco-friendly and sustainable made of cotton which is sustainable and reusable.

Muslin Tea Bags

These bags have filtering qualities perfect for brewing the perfect tea.  The lightweight muslin bags have a special weave giving them great filtering capabilities.  It would make great tea packaging or include a bag with the tea brand as a bonus for your customer.

Muslin Produce Bags

Muslin bag are widely used for produce.  Customers want the perfect bag to use for their produce to store in the refrigerator.  These bags are lightweight and breathable to keep all your produce fresh.  We have a collection of organic bags which are made from organic cotton made from sustainable production processes.  For produce markets, these bags can be customized with their logo.  Customers re-use these bags for a long time as they are long-lasting and easily washable.

Muslin Bakery Bags

Muslin cotton bag is ideal for bakeries.  Traditional sliced bread commonly comes in plastic packaging, but cotton is the ideal fabric for freshly baked bread right off the oven. The breathable fabric in the muslin bag keeps the bread fresh.  Traditional plastic packaging is not able to keep the bread fresh and it is harmful to the environment.

Cotton Laundry bags

Cotton laundry bags are used widely commercially used as promotional bags for hotels, giveaways, product launches, book launches, or upcoming exhibitions.  Here these bags are especially used as hotel bags.  The hotel may hand over these bags to its guests as promotional bags with the hotel logo on them for their customers and guests.

Cotton Drawstring bags

Cotton Drawstring bags are like laundry bags, however, they can be used to carry books, as a camping bag, or as sports bags for sporting teams.  They make great team bag for a high school basketball or football team.  They can easily be printed with the team logo.  Team members can use these bags to carry their sports uniforms and accessories.

Seasonal Drawstring Bag

Seasonal drawstrings are custom-made for special occasions such as Halloween, Christmas, Easter, and more.  As a bulk manufacturer of drawstring and muslin bags, we make Halloween bags largely used as trick-or-treat bags with a custom-made Halloween logo.  During Christmas, we manufacture custom-made great Santa bags with catchy Christmas logos making it a great gift bag around Christmas time.

To conclude, these bag are lightweight and are very easy to print using silk screen printing.  These bags are washable and are long-lasting and eco-friendly.  As a bulk muslin bag manufacturer, we custom-make down to every detail. these bags can be customized with matching strings and logos to add extra brand appeal to the bags. The muslin fabric is very breathable making it easy to dye into different colors using sustainable methods.

Cotton Bags

New York Tote Bag – A New Yorker’s Packing Guide.

This is a packing guide on how best to use our New York Tote Bag in New York City.  The New York tote bag is a tourist and local New Yorkers’ must-have tote bag.  For visitors, it is a welcoming bag for visitors to New York and a token of their memory and time spent in New York City.  It is not just a tote bag but a travel companion which will travel with you through the city’s most famous landmarks. This guide will explore how best to utilize the tote bag across New York City.

Beach Tote Bag – Coney Island Beach

Starting your journey off from the Coney Island beach in Brooklyn is the perfect site for using your New York Tote Bag.  Carrying a suntan lotion, sunglasses, and finally, a beach towel is a must. The ‘I love New York tote bag’ is mostly demanded in black color as black color stains less and creates a vibrant look of the ‘I love New York’ logo on it.  Do remember to stop by the famous Nathan’s Hot Dog restaurant, a New York travel experience is not complete without having a Hot Dog from Nathan’s which has been in existence for over 100 years.

Travel Tote Bag – Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is a must-visit and you would need a camera handy in your cotton tote bag to grab the best snapshots of your visit.  If you want to go up to the crown of the Statue of Liberty which would require traveling up the spiral stairways up to 162 steps, you will want to ensure you have a tote bag handy for all the essentials like a water bottle on your way to the top.  The ‘I love New York’ tote bag comes with 21-inch handles however we can custom manufacture these bags in bulk for wholesalers, exhibitions, and retailers according to their demand.  We can also add buckle straps in addition to the normal bag handles which are gaining popularity and can be used as a cross-body strap handle increasing security for expensive items such as DSLR cameras and expensive gadgets.

Shopping Tote Bag – Manhattan

The Westfield World Trade Center is the biggest mall in Manhattan, there are lot of traveling within the city’s convenient subway network.  Once you reach Manhattan, taking a taxicab is most common for areas in a close radius.  Although all of New York is full of shopping destinations, Manhattan is most convenient due to having popular landmarks in the same city, such as the Rockefeller Center; an ideal place to enjoy some skating or watch the Big Christmas Tree during Christmas time.

Fashion Tote Bag

The New York tote bag is a great fashion bag and is something that has been in fashion for a long time.  The tote bag has its place separating itself from a school bag, handbag, or fanny pack.  New York is one of the busiest cities in the USA, and as with any big city, they are often the trendsetters when it comes to fashion.  Using these bags can be seen as fitting right in with the crowd as New Yorkers widely use tote bags to get around the large metro and bus transportation network making a bag an essential item to carry their most essentials on their daily travel.

Commercial Importance of Tote Bag in New York

Businesses in New York City have the advantage to target one of the most populated cities in the USA and promoting your brand using these bags exposes businesses’ names to a wide majority of people who not only use these bags but also carry them through the New York City public transport showcasing and marketing your brand name every day.  As a bulk manufacturer of tote bags, we can custom-make these bags with the required logo using eco-friendly azo-free printing methods which are sustainable.

Eco-friendly and Sustainable Bag

The New York state has taken steps to reduce plastic bag use and has also taken steps to ban paper bag use.  The New York Tote Bag is made from canvas recyclable material using it you can comply and keep New York as green as possible.  Bringing your bag on the way to the grocery store is a common practice in New York since it has worked towards banning plastic.

To conclude, a tote bag is a valuable product however its importance is not just limited to New York but across the world.  It is a marketing tool, a fashion bag, a souvenir bag for visitors, and a giveaway bag to introduce a new book or product, or service.  It is sustainable is it’s one of the most important qualities made from 100 percent cotton and cotton polyblends, available in multiple colors.


Cotton Bags

Difference Between Plain Cotton Tote Bags And Canvas Tote Bags

There is a major difference between cotton and canvas fabrics due to which bags made of each have a different feel, look, and differ in terms of grammage or thickness.  Often, these words are used to mean the same thing when they are actually different fabrics.  Canvas is widely used for thick fabrics 7 oz and above grammage which can be in form of different weaves (Canvas, cotton duck, twill), these bags are often classified amongst people as canvas bags.

However, Plain cotton bags are different in that they mostly come in plain weave and are much lighter in terms of grammage mostly ranging from 60 gsm to 180 gsm ( 2 oz to 6 oz)Plain cotton fabric can be further classified into Muslin cotton is often referred the lightest GSM (around 60 to 90 gsm).

Promotional Tote Bags

If you want a tote bag which holds its shape well then Canvas Tote Bags are perfect, due to their coarser weave and heavier grammage.  Canvas Tote Bags also are naturally able to pick up more weight than plain cotton tote bags and make great promotional bags.  They also make great fashion tote bags, as these are in fashion to wear with your favorite outfit and are an important accessory bag in addition to a traditional handbag.

A plain cotton tote bags has its benefits and has its place for the consumer as well.  These bags would be more cost-effective in terms of price.  As they weigh less in terms of grammage making them cheaper than canvas tote bags.   Due to having lesser grammage plain bags have lower shipping costs as well for bulk orders.  A plain cotton bag can come in 100 percent cotton or poly-cotton blends.  These bags are easily dyable into different colors.

Grocery Tote Bags

Both type of bags whether made from plain cotton or canvas is widely used by grocery stores.  It is not only sustainable, but also cheaper than plastic when you consider how many times you will be able to reuse the bag over its lifecycle, and it can be washed multiple times.  We usually craft larger grocery tote bags as these are most popular with grocery stores, as everyone is looking for that one size that fits all their groceries.

Laundry and Drawstring Bags

The plain Cotton fabric makes the best laundry and drawstring bags andis more often used and demanded over these bags, as plain cotton is lighter it is more flexible and can mold its shape to fit into the items it is carrying.  It is the recommended choice as a promotional bag, in industries like hotels, schools, and sporting events, and makes a great souvenir bag for its customers.   However, we also manufacture drawstring bags made of canvas which are just as popular, depending on customer requirements.  Canvas being thicker Would be more expensive than plain cotton fabric, as it is thicker and more complex to manufacture due to being thicker fabric would mean more time and cost in making these bags.

Christmas Bag

Christmas bag is a traditional Santa bag which symbolizes gifts from Santa for Christmas day.  We have some great logos specifically for Christmas time. However, the possibilities are endless as we produce the bags according to the logo, style, and size defined by the customer. We produce these bags every year near Christmas time in bulk for wholesalers, companies, non-profits and more.

Muslin Bag

Plain cotton muslin bags make great party favor bags, and gift bags, and is a great packaging for small items such as jewelry, watches, wallets, and more. The lighter grammage which is traditionally muslin is widely used as tea bags, the fabric has properties which make it great for brewing tea.  We also make party favors bags using canvas and twill, which is much thicker, and often is what some companies recommend to represent their brand.

Canvas Zipper Pouch

Canvas zipper pouches make great cosmetic bags, medical bags and more.  All zipper bags we manufacture are made from canvas, as it is thicker than plain cotton making it perfect to hold its shape and look good.  These cosmetic bags are the perfect bag to support a tote bag; to keep all the handy items in this canvas zipper pouch which is the go-to bag for your most used accessories.


The aprons we produce are used widely by the hospitality industry.  Twill poly-cotton blend fabric works best for this purpose.  It can take multiplewashes without fading of colours, and twill weave is a great weave as it resists stains and is just the right fabric to use for the kitchen or restaurant.  Apron sare produced in a variety of colours with custom logos as per client requirements.



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