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Cotton Muslin Bag Uses For Jewelry Packaging

Cotton Muslin Bag

A Cotton Muslin bag is an important form of branding for jewelry, gems, and stones.  As a custom muslin bag manufacturer and exporter, we export these muslin bags across USA and Europe.  The natural off-white muslin bags are largely in demand.  Black color bags also have trending demand amongst retailers with custom gold branding of their logo.  Our selection extends to multiple colors and grammage as per customer demand.  Most common sizes range from size 4 x 6 (inches) to 6 x 8 (inches).

Sustainability and environment friendly

Cotton Jewelry Muslin bags are made of cotton, which is a sustainable, earth-friendly material.  It is the preferred choice of the masses due to its being eco-friendly.  Every company wants to associate their brand with packaging which complies with environmental standards.  Sustainable jewelry has become the norm as jewelry manufacturing is heavily relying on scrap metal.  These sustainable manufacturing techniques are part of a Jewellery retailer’s brand strategy and to support it with sustainable packaging like cotton muslin pouches is the most sustainable and stylish decision a brand can make.

Importance of Packaging for the consumer

Jewelry items are largely purchased as gifts for the special someone.  It has emotional importance to the consumer.  Jewelry can be bought for the lightest of occasions such as a valentine’s gift to the highest, such as a wedding ring.  The consumer will not only have a strong connection with the product but will cherish the packaging which would be a token of memory of the special day.  Pack Point International is making these bags `not just for wholesalers but also for jewelry retailers across the world.

Durability and Quality.

What makes these precious muslin bags so special is that they are durable and come in various grammages.  There are various textures of muslin bags available for your brand.  Our sampling process makes it easy for you to decide which is the right one for you.  The durable fabric allows these bags to be long-lasting and is a great storage pouch for the most expensive items which you would want to pouch up after use.  These bags are washable.  The dyed these bags go through a detailed sustainable dying process to ensure the color stays after multiple washes.

Customized printing options

We have a variety of printing as well as embroidery options available for your brand.  The most famous printing method we use for these bags is silk screen printing which is the natural form of printing using azo-free printing methods which are sustainable and free of harsh chemicals.  We use advanced methods of silk screen printing depending on the simplicity or complexity of the design.

Concluding Remarks

Lastly, what makes these bags so great is due to their small size and being lightweight they are easily transportable across the world at low shipping rates.  As a bulk wholesale muslin bag exporter there is no order too small or too big for us.  Do get in touch should you have any further questions on ordering these bags or just have a question regards to our production process or to get a detailed quotation for your brand.

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