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How Promotional Tote Bags Can Boost Your Marketing Strategy

Tote bags

It’s amazing how cheap promotional cotton bags can help with brand marketing. These bags can be a cost-effective solution for giving your brand the visibility that it deserves.  Pack Point International manufactures a variety of custom tote bags for your branding requirements.

During a convention or seminar, it is the free giveaway trade show tote bags that often draws the most interest from the audience. People these days have an insatiable appetite for freebies. So giving free handouts is one way of winning their undivided attention.

Totes work wonders from California to New York to Texas and beyond.

These bags are trendy, environmentally friendly, and super useful, which is why they are bound to be a hit with attendees. You can’t go wrong with these bad boys.  A variety of different types of custom tote bags are manufactured by Pack Point to help you choose the best style for your taste.

Guerrilla Marketing

As dramatic as it sounds, guerrilla marketing has a really simple premise. This marketing strategy makes use of inexpensive tactics to promote your brand far and wide. Hence, guerrilla marketing is often quite safe since it involves relatively little investment. What’s more, if done right, it can bring results that are far more than what you invested. In other words, you can enjoy a great ROI on your hard-earned cash.

Cheap promotional cotton tote bags are one way of guerrilla marketing.

Stuff your cotton totes with flyers, coupons, and freebies. Hand them out to your target audience. It’s that simple.

Be loud and clear about the free nature of your giveaway. You will be amazed at how quickly you can draw attention this way.  Giveaway trade show tote bags is a marketing magnet tool to attract visitors to your booth.   If you are smart enough, you can even convince your target crowd to take selfies with you as you grant them freebies. Tell them to post these on social media. You will find that most will gladly oblige.

So you will get free exposure on social media as well. One good thing leads to another. A little generosity can go a long way.

Direct Mail

We love to receive great stuff in our mail. You can take advantage of this mindset by direct mailing branded cotton totes to your target audience. These bags can include cheap and useful everyday items that emphasize your brand. Even something as simple as a mug will do. You can throw in cheap freebies (with your brand name on them) like pens, snacks, t-shirts, headgear, keychains, water bottles, or notepads. Feel free to use any combination of these. Include as much as your budget permits.

Donation Drives

You can seek out charitable organizations close to you and talk to them. Suggest that they distribute their free items like food or clothes, for instance, in your bags. You can get them to agree by allowing them to include their name alongside yours on the tote bag. This will make for a win-win situation.

This should be an attractive offer for charities since they can save costs this way. This will be a surefire winner for you since nothing wins as much respect as donations and social outreach.

Free Information

Make your tote bag a source of valuable information that will benefit beholders. Suppose you are using tote bags to promote a law firm. Here is a smart move that will garner keen public interest. Print a microblog on the tote. In this case, the topic can be ‘what to do if a cop pulls you over’.

You can then include short and sweet bullet points on steps that users can take to avoid trouble. In the end, you can say, ‘Contact your lawyer immediately’, and then print the name of the law firm.

Use this super-effective tactic for promoting just about any brand or entity. For example, suppose you are promoting a mom-and-pop restaurant. Print out a simple but delicious recipe using concise bullet points. And towards the end, don’t forget to include the name of the brand you are promoting. This tactic is ridiculously effective. Don’t be surprised if people stop and take note of the simple, mouthwatering recipe you just printed. Of course, your brand name will be seared indelibly into the minds of your audience.

Long Lasting and Durable

The beauty of totes is that they are exceedingly durable and highly resistant to wear and tear. Many will last long after you have forgotten about them. And they will continue to sell your brand while you sleep. They will be your silent sales force that will stay active for years, whether you realize it or not.

Make sure that your totes are trendy and great to look at. They should sport a vibrant design so that owners feel compelled to use them for a long time to come.

Thrilled by the power of totes? Pack Point International prints beautiful totes that will extend all benefits mentioned above. Whether you are in California, New York, or Texas, you can take your marketing campaign to the next level with custom-printed totes.



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